I am currently in Austria and available at conventions in America and Europe.

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Travel Schedule 2017

NYC – Resorts Casino April 1-2 United Ink : No Limits

Baltimore April 7-9 Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention

Ljubljana, Slovenia. April 21-23 Slovenian Tattoo Convention

Rome, Italy May 6 – 8 International Tattoo Expo Roma

Amsterdam May 27-29 Amsterdam Tattoo Expo

Berlin intl tattoo conv. Aug 4-6

Wuppertal Germany tattoo conv Aug 18-20

New York long Island. October 20-22 cradle of aviation

Venice international tattoo convention October 13-15 Venice Italy

Travel Schedule 2018

Jan 12 – 14 DC Tattoo Expo Washington DC USA

Feb 9 -11 Philadelphia Tattoo Con

Feb 16 – 18 Pittsburgh Tattoo Con

April 20-22 United Ink NYC USA

May 4 – 6 Baltimore Tattoo Con Baltimore, USA

June 3-5 nations tattoo expo, wash dc

July 13-15 empire state tattoo expo manhattan, new york city

Aug 3 – 5 Berlin tattoo convention. Berlin, Germany

Aug 18 – 19 Deauville tattoo festival    Deauville, France

Sept 1 – 2 Wuppertal tattoo conv.  Wuppertal, Germany

Sept 15-16 Hameln tattoo conv.  Hameln, Germany

Oct 5-7  Cezanne tattoo convention.  Aix en Provence, France

Oct 12-14 Venezia tattoo convention  Venice, Italy

Oct 26-28  Queen City Tattoo Conv.   Charlotte, NC USA

Nov 16-18  Trieste Tattoo Conv   Trieste, Italy

Nov 23-25 Lisbon Tattoo Conv   Lisbon, Portugal

Nov 30- Dec 2 Verona Tattoo Conv.  Verona, Italy

Dec 14-16  San Remo Tattoo Conv    San Remo, Italy


Jan 11-13      DC Tattoo Expo           Arlington, VA USA

Feb 8-10      Milano Tattoo Convention   Milan, Italy

Feb 15-17     Philly Tattoo Arts Conv  Philadelphia, PA USA

March 29-31 Boston Tattoo Conv     Boston, MA USA

Apr 5-7        United Ink Tattoo Conv.  New York, NY USA

May 3-5       Baltimore Tattoo Conv    Baltimore, MD USA

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