About me

Award-winning, published artist specializing in avant-garde tattoo designs.  Geometric, watercolor, dotwork, sketch are words used to describe this fusion of artwork by Derek.  Derek has been pioneering this modern style of art since 2009.   Derek has traveled Europe extensively studying art and is influenced by MC Escher, HR Giger, street art and contemporary tattoo artists.   Tattoos should be unique, so get some creative artwork for your body.  Sponsored by WORLD FAMOUS INK, HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE,  AND CHEYENNE TATTOO MACHINES


Music: Hanzel und Gretyl, electronic, industrial, old school gangsta rap

Food:  Tuna pizza, sushi

Other: My kids, Snowboarding and all types of ill shit

Derek tattooing Chad Coleman “Tyreese” from The Walking Dead.